It is with great pride I introduce to you my new website. Here you will be able to see the originals I have for sale, and you can order prints of my work too! I know, what?!?! If you know me, you know I have resisted doing prints of my work for almost 18 years. You see, I was always disappointed with how my highly textural paintings translated into print, until now!! Literally, my mind is blown away the quality is so amazing. I am happy to report that my biggest sellers at my shows this last summer were my prints on canvas. People love them - and guess what the best part is? You can order my images printed on paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic right here, choose the finishing you would like, and it will be shipped to you right from my print company! Pinch me. I'm in production heaven. Please have a look through my site, play around with the cool features - like the Wall Preview tool - and Augmented Reality! Augmented Reality is so cool I can hardly stand it... you actually use your phone to project the painting of your choice onto YOUR OWN WALL so you can see exactly what a certain size and piece will look like in your home. Bizarre, right?  I agree... you just have to try it for yourself.

Ok, so also in the works is this MUSING blog! I don't have the formatting dialed in yet, and so this may look a little wonky, but I figure I have time to tweek how it looks  - my main priority was launching my site, so this part of it will get better with time.  But to give you an idea of what this blog will be about...   I will be sharing with you my artwork, my process through pictures and videos, my show schedule, and new products. You will get an insider peek into my studio, my enchanted life living on an Island in the Salish Sea, and the inner workings of my mind as I navigate what it means to be a creative.  You can expect I will be honest and open about whatever it is that makes up this creative life, the paths I've been down, up, and across, along with the paths I hope to explore still.

For example, in an upcoming post I will go into my history over the last 18 years as a professional artist and how my work has organically grown into what it is today... while my early works might not even "look' like mine on first blush compared to my work today, if I show you the progression of the mediums and how it has morphed over time it will be clear how my techniques have formed to create the work I am currently doing. I'm fortunate to have many collectors who have tracked my work from the beginning and have continued to support my creation phases. I once heard from a collector that hadn't seen my work in 10 years say that even though my subjects are different now, they are always able to identify me in my work whether it be through a style of brush stroke, color palette, subject, or composition. There's just something distinct about MY MUSE when she is creating - and I try to get out of her way as much as possible when I'm working. I will talk more about how I do that in this blog.

Likewise, I will be posting about where I think my work is headed in the future... THIS is where I really feel inspired and eager to share with you! Stay tuned. If you like, you can make sure to get an email notification every time I post on my blog by subscribing to it! Just fill out the form to the right of this post.

Happy Creating!